Stainless Steel Shelving 4 Tier Adjustable Shelf Storage for Kitchen Commercial Office Garage Storage

About this item

· Great Load Capacity: This 4-tier storage shelf, 60 x 18.5 x 60 inch in size, can provide you with colossal storage space. With its 330 lbs load capacity for each tier, you can put kitchenware, vases and other miscellaneous items on it. Besides, its 1.5" wide columns and 1.6" thick tiers can further enhance the load-bearing.

· Reliable Properties: This 4-tier shelf unit with a brushed surface is stainless steel, ensuring perfect solidity, rust-proof, and easy-cleaning for durable use. The back of its tier adopts a crossbeam design, incredibly stabilizing the whole structure. In addition, the shelves contain vent holes for improving air flow, maintaining the freshness of your stored food.

· Adjustable Tier: Our storage shelf unit with 4 tiers can guarantee you great flexibility. It adopts a height-adjustable design, allowing you to raise or lower it by 2" to organize your items better. If necessary, detaching the middle tiers to store larger objects is also feasible.

· Effortless Assembly: It is easy for you to install this 4-tier shelf unit and put it into use with our attached tools. All you need is to fix the tiers and columns together with screws. The feet can hold the shelf unit well in place. They are also all adjustable so that you can adapt the shelf unit to uneven ground.

· Versatile Uses: This stainless steel shelf is suitable to be put anywhere for you to organize your various items. Locating it in your kitchen for kitchenware is available. Putting it in the garage to store tires or car service kits is also a good idea. Our stainless steel shelf can help you tidy up your living environment.

4-Tier Storage Shelf

Stainless Steel & 1320 lbs Load Capacity & Adjustable Height

Our 4-tier stainless steel shelf has a brushed surface. It will become a very reassuring presence, no matter you locate it in your kitchen or garage. With its 330 lbs load capacity for each tier and its vast flexibility, you can organize your belongings in a better manner. Besides, it is also easy to clean without excessive ash accumulation or untimely rusting.

· Great Load Capacity

· Reliable Properties

· Adjustable Tier

· Effortless Assembly


· Product Dimensions (After Installation): 60"x18.5"x60" (1524x469.9x1524mm)

· Average Load Capacity (Single Tier): 330.7 lbs (150kg)

· Single Tier Dimensions: 58.5"x16.9"x1.8" (1485x430x45)

· Height Between Each Tier: 15.5" (393mm)

· Net Weight: 50 lbs (22.7kg)

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